Cartenz Basecamp, Indonesia

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Last Sunday was not a good day for hike, but we made it anyway. The trip was planned two months ago before my vacation. I went with my boss and friends from church. On that rainy morning, we decided to keep moving, hoping that after several hours the weather will be okay.

We started our journey from Tembagapura to Grasberg by car. Since only one driver has license to drive thru the Heat Road, four of us should take instead. Tram is not that bad, it was fun, we can see the beautiful scenery from the high.


We reached the tram station at Grasberg aroud 6.30Am. The sky keep pouring water to the mountain. We changed the plan, we went to Cartenz Basecamp instead of Idenburg. Actually I have been at the trail to the basecamp last year, but its okay because it was too dangerous to hike to Idenburg because we the slippery road (actually it is slippery rocks). After driving about 15 minutes, we get the starting point at Zebra Wall. The rain stopped and the sky was clearer.

We passed the swamp easily, last year we have to take another route to avoid this deep swamp. Our first pos is the Blue Lake. There are three chained lake before Pintu angin. The last one is Blue Lake. We can erect the tent if we want to spend the night or just cook some light meal. My friend brought his drone to this trip, it was cool to see the video. 😀

After spend our meal on blue lake, we continue to the basecamp. The track is easy but quite steep. Another challenge is the wind and the lack of oxygen. It made me really dizzy. We had to stop several time to get used with the altitude. On the way to the basecamp, we had to pass another four lakes. It was misty so we could not see the beautiful cliff on the other side. We reach the basecamp at 10 am.

The basecamp is located on 4275 meter above sea level. This is higher than my highest point before at Rinjani and Semeru. Yeay! It was quite sad to see the environment over there, there was a lot of garbage that left by campers/hikers.

I and three of my friends continued to hike little bit more, to Yellow Valley. The track to the top is really steep. More over the dizzy ever worse, we have to stop more. But our leader always support us to move step by step until we get the 4420 masl. From that point we can see the peak of Cartenz Pyramid. He told us a lot of story about the hikers, how to climb the cartenz, etc.

I hope I can have an opportunity one day, and also courage to step on the top of Cartenz Pyramid. 😀

See you again , mountains!!!

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