Shirakawa-go, Japan

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I start from Kyoto using Shinkansen and continue with bus. The scenery its self is really amazing, with mountain and rivers. Shirakawa in May was not that crowded, there was not so many tourist. I decided to stay in a hostel, called Aunt House, its about 20 minutes walking to Shirakawa village.

There still plenty of ice around the environment that make the view dramatic. I guess it will be more amazing on the winter. To get the better view of this village, we need to climb the hill to get the Tenshukaku Observatory.

View from Observatory

In the night, the owner of the hostel picked us to the observatory. They are old lady and man that always try to please the guest. I regret that I did not bring my tripod, I ended up put my camera on the top of fences. Still a good picture.

These are the typical houses in Shirakawa village. Almost full triangle. The roof made of dried-straw. It is important to watch the people while doing the things in the kitchen, because the straw is easy to get burned. Its not allowed to smoke in this area. I was lucky to see the villagers changing their roof with the new straws.

The road inside the village is good, layered with asphalt. Be carefull with slippery iced road. The snow behind me actually ice, its not soft anymore.

In the summer, villagers plant rice in the field. On the winter, the rice field will be covered with snow. In the rice field, they put some kind of golden-fish. (big one).

The forest nearby the village is a homogen forest, full of pine tree.

The famous dish from this village, Cold Soba with tempura and green tea.

Other than hiking around the village and go to the restaurant, there is other activity that we can enjoy here. The Onsen. Its near the river, so the view is facing the river. Onsen in Shirakawa is not that big compared the one in Hakone, but its really relieving to enjoy hot water after hiking. In the Onsen, male and female are separated, and its mandatory to take out all the clothes. ups.. 😀

Entrance and shops of the village.



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